I dont know, its really hard have something to say, but saying is not so hard. This dichotomy is what drives most writers to write. The writer’s block is what makes a writer write. When someone has a writer’s block thats when he realises that he is a writer.

I am turning more and more towards writing science fiction. what is it about science fiction that turns me on? Well, i am trying to figure that out. Something to do with the fact that everything around me is buzzing or whirring or static-ing. My memories and feelings have more to do with electronic stimulii than my parents or my dog or my interaction with human beings or familial obligations.

The television for eg. mothered me, fathered me, befriended me, sexed me up, taught me, chilled me out, bored the shit out of me and finally turned me into an addict of it. This one invention has had a more profound effect on my character than any other entity in my life.

Thats just one electronic device that made me aware of electronics, later when i looked at it i realized that electricity was coursing through the wire-veins of any place that i spent time in. This fact has been used in the film Pulse, (i saw an american remake of the Japanese film, this one was written by wes craven), to create cheap kicks, bad film, but if you see the film you will get an idea of what i am saying. In Pulse they made ghosts travel through the wires, ghosts like zombies or ghouls who would jump upon you and eat you and do bad things to you, suck your life out. As a metaphor its dangerously convenient to accept that electricity will suck out your life. But then we all must be dead by now, we aren’t.

We are alive and living with electricity, most people in the world have grown up with or learned to live with electricity. Whether you like it or not we live with electricity now. its unavoidable. Our lives are inextricably linked wth electricity, our feeling stimuli and emotions are now conditioned to live in an electric environment.

So our stories will have to include this ubiquitous entity, and in story telling even today to include electricity or any form non human entities would put you into a genre classification, which in this case is science fiction.

I feel like i proved a point, or made a point, but i dont think i had set out to do that. Ahh, i remember now I have nothing to say, but saying is not so hard, this dichotomy is what drives me to write