(for akshat and ferocious attack cow)

all the black despair

all the pain in the world lies down next to my balls in a heap

the naked yellow zero bulb

my calf quivers and i feel a moo rising in my soul

my tongue tastes the fur of a cow

proust was a fucker though i know nothing about him but for the allusions of over educated fuckers writing dense prose200px-marcel_proust_1900

do i care about the heap of pain lying next to my balls

why was i talking of proust

who the fuck is proust anyways

he wrote something called chateaubriand something right!

that’s like the head of the fillet under the spine of the cow

it’s supposed to make the best steak

i love steak

and that brings us to why the cow is the most attacking animal in the bovine family

anyways this one cow i knew was the bitch-est bitch i ever knew

if she had a pussy i would have married her

i loved her more than anything else but for my dog

she never attacked anybody or anything

but she was aggressive

though there is no quantifying it

when you know someone you know their potential you know

when i call some girl a cow i mean it as an insult to her

but there is this pang in my heart cause i knew this cow who was so cool

i disrespect her when i refer to some girl as a cow

but that’s just a feeling that comes and goes

the heap of shit pain lying next to my balls starts licking the balls next to it

icy cold tongue on saddle bag balls

yellow yellow dirty naked bulb

now seriously

my cow

grey with horns bending all the way back in buffalo style

she was actually beautiful you know

i piss on the fucks who keep stuffed toys and teddy bearish shit

my cow was all that and much more

and that coming straight from the heart

that reminds me of this motherfucker

painter dude who wanted to fuck my girl

the scum bag was tamilian and he kept a lot of furry things

he had a collection


outside of society that’s where i wanna be he said when we were on talking terms

proust ate a cake and he remembered a lot of shit

see if i give a shit

who the fuck is proust?

my cow had more wisdom than proust for sure

proust is what i would call a chooth pakora though i hardly know the man

why not?

one time me and my dog and cow sit in the middle of the paddy field quietly chewing on our thoughts and wish that we were a whirl wind ripping through everything that is

idle pointless angst infested dreaming though it was i knew that my cow was in with me on that thought

coz when i licked her furry un-lick-able skin she licked me back with her sandpaper tongue

don’t know why but two animals of such disparate species trying to show their feelings to each other is much more romantic than i ever got with any of the girls i would call my girlfriends

did i tell you that i was a farm boy dealing with cows and paddy fields at some time

that was the time that i spend with my cow and dog

they are both dead now you know

i honestly don’t feel sadder for my dead dad

though he was one swell guy

probably the coolest guys i knew in life

but i didn’t love him as much as my cow and dog

its all proust-ian i know

but who gives a fuck about proust

lets just say that my cow was far wiser than him

now the whole thing breaks down to one simple question

is there any point in this whole thing

is there?

are you wise enough to read me

or am i too dumb to express what i felt

there are other possibilities

but its too cumbersome to list them all

it will be more bullshit

but even in garbage you can find lot of shit to keep you going

but then is this even garbage

there is no way i know to figure that one out