Hey Mama I Can Still Be A Space Man

In space there is no up down left or right. We have already out-lived what was called the space age. The phantasm of space is not alluring anymore; human thought has forgone the delusion of the infinitesimal-ism of space. We can hold the idea of infinite, countable number of galaxies and the number of stars in them, long enough in our heads to dismiss it. Under these circumstances the feeling of cutting across countless universes (that is awareness of a multi-verse) is quiet commonplace in certain styles of writing (e.g.: Sci-fi writers like Samuel Delaney, Philip K Dick, Alfred Bester, Robert Anton Wilson, William Gibson etc.). The thought that can be contained in one’s head does not hold a fascination for a writer or reader of text anymore. In everyday life we slide across the multi-verse created by AV media, literature, radio, internet and other manners of texts. People have found so much infinity in all this that infinity has lost all its charm.

Under such conditions to get a better grasp of the direction of the chaotic seemingly directionless flow of meanings that slide across our minds it is advisable to get familiar with multi-verses in art. It will strengthen the lobes in the brain to deal with actual side effects of multiple paradigm shifts that we endure everyday like boredom, nervous energy, and stress and general befuddlement.

There are thousands of disembodied souls drifting about in the muck of space, knowing and unknowing and lost to freakishness that anybody may feel just watching a few months of television. Ideas that become the nuclei of the media products that float in the spaces we live have at its core nuclei that stem from the souls of some individual, quite often a fictional individual, a bundle of unbridled neurosis.

In the context of the multi-verse space is not beyond the pull of the earth it’s what is between the idea-scapes that bombard our consciousnesses. This is where the gods live and we are dragging it into our living rooms and toilets.


The multi-verse once entered will show you what you have never seen before; it evokes schizophrenia to extrapolate out of the clutches of order that some men are constantly trying so vainly to establish. In this attempt they fail to realize that all humans are irrational. There are two kinds of irrationality: the irrational hate and fear of new kind of ideas and irrational disgust and antagonism towards old ideas and excitement towards any half-ass idea that is new.

Multi-verse travelers before us have bequeathed us wonderful substances to aid our journey, some call these recreational drugs others call it substances to be abused, to each his own. You are not going to see things that don’t exist or are not in your plane of awareness before but you will see them like you have never seen before, this shakes your childlike insistence on clinging on to the feeble structure that you glibly believe to be reality. Because when we delve into ourselves the original ‘real’ as told by everyone else becomes a joke, because what we see in ourselves is billion times rich and wonderful than the lowest common denominator of all selves that all people have. This is a rebellion, the only kind that matters. Delving into the gaps in the, multi-verse we need to get our minds scrambled. But scrambling is not enough then we have to unscramble it in a natural manner, or in other words in the way we feel like.

Before you went to school and your parents taught you to shit in a toilet you were not stupid, just that you did not have a rigid idea of reality. When you say that babies are the purest souls what you really mean is that they are aware of the multi-verse and can handle it well enough while you cant do it any more, that’s why we feel inferior or insecure in the gaze of a baby. And that’s why we feel the need to understand them and we fail.

Humanity needs spacemen who will venture out into the multi-verse boldly without a care for their sanity!