Solomon drives an ambulance in Mumbai, not just any ambulance, this is a 24 hr on call ambulance that only responds to emergencies. Its a nice ambulance, you know it has Life Guard emblazoned across it in a nice jazzy logo. I have seen the ambulance parked at the first crossing from my block from the time I can remember. Solomon does not know me and I dont know Solomon, but that doesn’t matter, now check this out OK, I can see what Solomon does, like I just know what he did, sometimes I get his feelings; like the other day I was walking down the slope from the NNP junction towards Hanuman Nagar and i saw all these Tamil guys doing their bizarre ritual with quarter inch diameter spears pierced across their cheeks and there was lot of festivities and noise and drums and yellow turmeric powder thrown in the air and suddenly I started crying, for no reason I can imagine. I was mind fucked, so is tarted looking about embarrassingly and i looked around. Thats when across the road I saw Solomon standing at the Ambulance with an inscrutable expression. Shit!!! I just know it man, i was crying because he felt sad and I know just how sad he felt.

Solomon is a sad and lonely person. I know some things about him, I don’t care if anyone wants to know or not and anyways i don’t expect anyone to read this blog or anything so I write so I wont forget.


So anyways, you know this Solomon guy dreams about going to the sun on a space ship.  I wonder if he realizes how hot it is on the sun. He sits sometimes withe sun glaring off his windshield, hiding in the shade of the sunshade over the driver’s wheel, staring at all the people scampering on the hot tarmac. He sees himself in the white burning hot light, hanging out like a tourist in a beach shack.

He would boast to the nurse girl who spends two hours of her duty time everyday in the life guard. He would look at the pictures of billionaires going to space on the NASA sponsored trips and say that thats not cool, if he had the money he would make a trip to the sun. She would laugh at him and they would go into the air-conditioned mobile ICU in the back of the van and fuck. Man i have disturbing afternoons on such days, i would spontaneously ejaculate in the middle of absurd circumstances.