small words find bigger words and they become sentences
all of it is churned out by the machine making words
there is as much to writing shit as breathing or taking a crap
writing is governed mostly by an involuntary faculty of the brain
words are pre-programmed thoughts based on and definitive in meaning
these things create a diagram of thought to dispel nothing
rufus finds that everything is somehow taught to wrap around signifying symbols

I am amazed
What life huh?

on the other hand
utterances are nothing but the mish-mosh created by some unknown entity
(some for convenience sake call it the self)
straining fatally against programming created by another enigmatic entity
(lets call this the other)
but beyond the psychodrama of programmed response
there is something that is groped at
it can only be defined now as a dream
a dream that there is something that one can hold up convincingly
and say I know this

fact is there is no knowing

Life is what…! Who can say!
It’s a fart in the wind that no one notices.

:make believe
:to be induced into belief
these are super-diagrams existing in ubiquity
they bequeath sub diagrams that link with every quantum of sensitivity
the neurons of fiction reach every corner of the mind
thus machinations of make believe keep resonating across a billion paradigms
who keeps track of such things
who can separate make from believe
and believe

What to do?
Its tiring to push against what is towards what isn’t.

laissez faire
just let it be let it be let it be
diagrams of sensoriums remain as they be
rufus says remain as you are
let it be let it be let it be
everything is one thing too much
all you can try to is become null, be nothing, live nothing
and try and do as much nothing as can be done

disorder leads to conflict leads to memory war leads to disorder
laissez faire is to disorder as wind is to fart

It’s a conflict with no fight.
It’s a tear in your pants over your private parts and people see your tired old undies.

pay the bearer what you owe and what he wishes to swindle off you
rufus pays upfront to avoid the talk
the sleazy smart corporations who are money junkies
spend every ounce of their vapid money-greedy mind
to talk you into a deal to swindle a few hundred bucks
so pay whatever upfront
unless you want to be a vapid money-greedy twerp who counts every paisa he spends
don’t give it the satisfaction of turning you into a shit like it
(this sutra doesn’t work like Rufus wants it to, but hope is eternal and hate is blind)

they always manage to lure you into a confrontation
but when that happens then you have to be really ridiculous
just put up your guard and take the stance of the crane
like Jet Li in The Rebel (even over the phone just drop the receiver and do the crane)

Kalyug is here
Rejoice rejoice all of vile nature.

if you find yourself on the winning side make sure you are on your own team
most everybody who wins in this strange age is on his opposite team
self goals win the most matches now-a-days
so make sure which way you are playing before you kick start anything
rufus says don’t play games with yourself
even if you are all alone in your room on a rainy day with a power cut