Solomon was into speed, travel and beauty. He never talked much, preferring to soak in the world around him quietly with a sphinx like gravity. But in his head there was a zen like beauty, he was a beautiful man but no one knew because in the markets of noises no one understood silence.


We meet Solomon for the first time, he is at the college campus, its spring time and a new batch of college students are coming in, the sunlight is filtering through fresh green leaves and butterflies flutter about in the streaks of morning light. Solomon is hanging on his bike with shades covering his eyes. There is music playing on the headphones of his I-pod, he is at peace with himself and looking like the most handsome man in the world, at this moment in this space he is like a miracle, a God. At that moment, his eyes fall upon Anita who is coming in to college with a bunch of people. We see Solomon looking at her, a teardrop trickles down his cheeks from under his shades as Anita passes across in the reflection in his specs. Anita’s eyes lock on him for a moment. She is fascinated by this sight of a well built man leaning on a mean motorcycle look straight at her with a teardrop running down his face. But the moment does not last too long. They part ways from here for now.


Solomon is a DJ by choice, who studies romantic languages in a comparative literature course, he enjoys the poetry of Dante and Shakespeare. As a result he has a maverick approach to education, ending up being a bad student though a smart sensitive person. But his Romantic nature is hidden behind his stoic expression.


Anita is a microbiologist. She has hard nosed scientific outlook to things. Though she had many relationships before, she never felt connected to any of them. None of them really attracted her, so she had stopped taking men seriously.


One of these nights she hooks up with one of the men at her lab to go out to the disco. In the college vicinity is the “VINEYARD” a hang out where there is an open air lawn which doubles as a dance-floor. Solomon plays here regularly. When he notices her again in his den he doesn’t miss the opportunity. He plays a song and leaves the console, without any formal introduction he pulls her out of the crowd to his bike. Come I want to show you something. He drives her to an ocean view and plays her some music and quietly watches the sunset with her. After about four hours of being together and having said nothing to each other Solomon tells Anita after the sunrise, “I can love you forever”. He drops her off at her flat and drives away without saying anything else.


Meanwhile, Solomon has finished writing the final papers he was to submit and yet he was hanging around in the college. The professors’ of the literature department are tired of him, they tell one of the young professors’ that he has to take care of Solomon’s smooth exit from the campus.


This professor explains to Solomon that he has to leave. He tells Solomon about taking the challenges that life offers and making a man out of himself. “How long will you be the life of a college party, you are an intelligent guy, stop this DJ-ing and start a regular job worthy of your caliber?” Though affected by this Solomon sees the good heart of the man and parts happily from the man and walks around the campus he loves so much. He passes by the microbiology dept.


Anita suffers from a sense of emptiness. She wants to have a passion, a goal in life. In her chosen field of study she wants to study something unique, in trying that she had shifted to this college, but her research project was not finding takers, she is struggling to get a sanction for studying certain habitats. After a heated argument with her guide, this is over heard by Solomon, who tells her that if she wants to study some frog behavior in the rainforests of Kerala she has to do it on her own. “So be it”, she says and walks out. As she stood in the long corridor wondering what to do, she sees Solomon looking at her with a twinkle and smile in his eyes.


We see Solomon packing bags in his house. His father who is a rolling stones fan hippie gives his take about women and Solomon good naturedly listening to him. Before he takes off his father gives him his old guitar with Keith Richards autograph to serenade his love.


We see Anita tell her academic father about her trip to Kerala and her father supports her on her decision to follow her research on her own and advices her to do it as well she can to disprove her detractors.


We see the two of them drive down the Konkan coast on the bike to Kerala. They struggle to gain access to get into the deep forest, but eventually they crack though bureaucracy with some bribes, moreover the officers of the forest department are quiet happy that some one is ready to man the guest house in the deep jungle. Solomon and Anita in the first few days in the jungle learn to be comfortable around each. Solomon spends most of his time tending to the abandoned guest house, making it comfortable and cool. Slowly they started noticing activities in the jungle. The troubles faced by the tribal’s, the poachers and destroyer or looters of the natural bounty, unwittingly Solomon and Anita get involved with these issues; sending petitions, working with forest dept., classifying the different kind of plants and taking classes for the tribals who get ripped off by research scientists, poachers and the forest department.


As can be expected they earn the displeasure of certain factions while praised by environmentalists. Thus they end up getting publicity for their activities. But to thwart them as a part of a smear campaign, people start questioning relationship between Solomon and Anita. As things take a nasty turn, finally Anita’s father gets wind of all this and he lands up, visibly incensed and compels her to leave with him. Swayed by her father, Anita leaves. Solomon suddenly feels rootless and after a showdown fight with a poacher and smuggler don he takes off since he cannot stay anymore in the jungle without compromising the security of his tribal friends. We see that he has left behind his guitar at the guest house.



We see an older looking Anita in the same forest. She is in the guest house in the forest, looking visibly older, she finds the guitar Solomon had left behind sticking out from a bush that has grown around it and goes into a reverie of the past.


She remembers how her father had cried to her to leave and the tragedy that had wrecked her life following her return from the forest. They carted her away to the UK. The frantic efforts from her parent’s part to marry her off and her depression following the loss of meaning that had come into her life. We see her turn into an edgy party animal, doing the rounds of the UK brit-Underground Indian scene and participate in campaigns for equal rights for Indians in UK, she gets a job as an event organizer of Indian shows in UK. Her boss is a woman who was a hippie in her younger days and she gives her hippy wisdom about wild men and how they have their own freedom to deal with which is more than any woman can compete with.


Solomon meanwhile in his desperation decides to play at a rave to raise money to get to UK. The rave gets busted and Solomon loses even his DJ equipment, things that he held close to his heart. In jail Solomon grows up under the tutelage of a wise old ex-college professor poacher, who used to poach lion skins in the guise of shooting documentaries on them, (a slight digression will happen at this point in the film, where the poacher will in a flash back tell her about the other side of the story of the poachers). He also meets a Nigerian dope peddler, Hasid, who introduces him to UK-Jamaican-African dub music. In jail Solomon constructs crude instruments and works out a few songs as a music duo. Finally when he is released Solomon decides to pour out his love into his songs, he records an album of songs with Hasid.


Solomon doesn’t hit big success with his album and that’s one more thing that gets him down. He and Hasid who has now been released are hanging around in their studio thinking of ways to make money. Hasid tells Solomon about getting back into the underworld and making pots of money. Solomon is thinking about this when his father using one of old time hippie girlfriend’s in UK arranges for Hasid and Solomon to play gig at a club in UK.


We realize that the woman that Solomon’s father was in love with in the Goa of 1968 was the same woman who was. For Solomon this gig also becomes the test of his love. As can be expected Anita arrives at the show and Solomon meets his love and his destiny. His politically charged music becomes as successful in UK. Anita now that she is independent and free and much wiser returns to India with Solomon.


We end with the middle aged Solomon waking up in his hammock in the forest and searching for Anita next to him and seeing that she is standing in the balcony. HE walks towards her and see the guitar, a tear fills up his eyes standing with her against the starry night.