A murder has happened in Mumbai on a rainy day, big drops are pattering in the grey puddles. On a dirty gulley against the wall of a urinal lay a dead body bleeding from the crotch with bad bruises and gashes on other parts of the body. Ajay Deshpande, the renowned crime reporter is crouched on the pavement and watching somebody, water is dripping from his hair. In that moment in time Ajay Deshpande froze looking into something grave, terrifying and exhilarating, all at once.




A week later later:

Ajay Deshpande is a hot shot crime reporter for a mid-day newspaper. On his beat a series of murders happen. The murderer is suspected to be a homosexual, who inserts wooden knife handles into the rectums of the victim. The murders are quiet gruesome and the whole city is in the grip of these murders. Ajay becomes more of a star overnight than he ever was. His sub editor, Manish Rawat, is a young and aspiring journalist who is in awe of Ajay. Ajay is teaching him the ropes.


As days go by and Ajay along with the police is trying to decipher the murder. In his investigations Manish becomes Watson. One day he takes Manish home and Manish meets his wife, who is odd. She is dressed like village woman adapting to the city. He is surprised that somebody like Ajay who is a hot shot and a party animal has such a wife.


Meanwhile as the serial killing progresses Ajay and police officer Neeraj Pathak realize that all the victims were connected with human trafficking. To further the investigation Ajay takes Pathak and Manish to a secret slave market in the heart of a deep slum. In a series of questioning they get surrounded by a gang of hijdas who seem threatening. They escape from this hell hole, but gain the knowledge that this whole thing has something to do with the politics among clans of hijdas.


Manish and Ajay set upon to unearth the nexus between smugglers, politicians and the hijdas. They find that the hijdas are powerful in the underground community. They trace the routes and manners in which the fresh blood is recruited into the community. All this keeps happening partly in the form of journalism and partly in the form of police investigation Ajay becomes caught up in the media rigmarole his life becomes more and more hectic and the he gets hounded by the newsmen. Manish becomes more and more involved in the project. At this point Manish makes a break through in the investigation, he finds out that it is a disgruntled hijda who has escaped from the community who is the perpetrator.


He rushes to Ajay with his new information. But Ajay is not impressed he explains to Manish that it is not enough for good journalist, or even a good human being to point the finger at a person but to point the fingers at phenomenon that creates such an individual. When Manish frustrated by the older man’s patronizing behavior and also a little suspicious of his intentions to take credit for his own work charges back at Ajay saying that Ajay does the same thing all the time. At this Ajay reacts by saying that he loses himself within the story he is writing and that’s why he will remain a better journalist than Manish who is just a wordsmith just looking for stories to masturbate his ego. This puts Manish back a bit, his enthusiasm is nipped. Ajay tells him, if you want to get to the bottom of this to meet him the next day early morning at fisherman community in near Versova. That night on TV the news says that the police have finally found an eye witness to the case; he is the same informant who had spoken to Manish. Manish registers it but he is lost in his won thoughts of ethics and good journalism, issues that Ajay had raised in their conversation. Impervious to Manish the TV announce that the police will release a picture of the perpetrator by the next day.


Around four am in the morning the alarm wakes Manish up. He meets Ajay at the beach and he finds Ajay pensively watching sea next to his car. They wait for a while we find Ajay’s wife come in from a narrow road with a suitcase and swat all over. She is really masculine and ugly for a woman. Manish is perplexed but goaded by Ajay he gets into the car with the assurance from Ajay that he will make everything clear to him on the ride.


In the car Ajay  is riding out the city on the expressway. He starts telling Manish the story of a little boy who was born with chocolate looks. Somewhere in a hilly region towards Bengal is a small local liquor bar where the kid with a penchant for gay men works as a bar tender. He lives a double life one waiting tables and managing an illicit liquor shop and the other as an arrogant young gay boy, who is an object of desire for most of the strong rough men who populate the nearby village. One night a truck coming from Assam passing through to Mumbai with a consignment of illegal stuff lands up at the liquor bar. The driver of the truck picks up the boy and he and his khallasi force the boy to give him a blow job, the boy bites the drivers penis. In the ensuing violence the khalasi and the driver overpower the kid and take him with them and sell him off to a slave trader in a Mumbai slum who sells him off to a hijda don. From here the boy is passed on from one hijda don to another and every time he is sodomy-ised and brutally raped. Some of these dons show a sign of love towards him but. Finally castrated and put out on the street to fend for himself he slowly grows out of the hijda community and starts living a tough loner life. The life of a hijda without the protection of the clan is difficult and this experience gives him a strong personality. He becomes a thief in the trains, dressed as a woman he slips among them and robs them.


Once as he was wandering through the city he comes upon the khalassi who had started all this. His memories race back to him, the humiliation and years of filth that poured through resurface with a newfound sharpness. Dazed, ecstatic and petrified by fury and hate he trails the khalassi as it starts to drizzle. He buys a knife on the way with a round wooden handle and follows the guy into a dirty lane. The khalassi notices him and does not realize it’s the same boy. He accosts her and the boy barely manages hide his emotions. At this point the journalist Ajay appears at the other end of the street and clicks a picture. The khalassi who looks like he has decent wife and kid at home shouts at him Ajay runs away. He confronts Ajay against a urinal and he starts beating up Ajay, a scuffle is happening and suddenly Ajay gets thrown away as the hijda is stabbing the khalassi. We see Ajay looking at the whole scene from the ground crouching on his legs.


We return to Ajay with the same expression is in the car, he was narrating the whole story in English. The hijda is in the backseat and they are approaching a village, dawn is breaking. They enter a village which is the nerve centre of the whole nexus between hijdas, politicians and the human trafficking mafia.


In a final showdown where swords and other such weapons are brandished the hijda kills the boss of the bosses and becomes anointed in his blood as the next emperor of the hijdas. It’s a fate that happens to him by chance and Ajay remains with him.


Manish is back in Mumbai and he has just finished his story. In talks with his wife he decides not to publish this story in the newspaper.