I felt I would faint when I caught a glance of her many years later. I remember seeing her through a gap in the saloon-type door that opened both ways to her OPD cubicle. It’s a feeling that came like a sea and left like typhoon. What I remember best is the inability to stand on my feet and the overwhelming desire to fall, not lie down or sit or relax, but the uncontrollable and nauseatingly desperate urge to keep falling forever.

He stumbled and leaned on my shoulder before collapsing on to the bench clutching his token to the good Dr. Jessy S Karanavar. I liked that name and irrespective of the circumstances I had no interest in the person it represented. Like most good friends I couldn’t see what he saw in her to cause vertigo.

–Take me away man.

— But you should talk to her, at least for my sake, for the time and effort you made me invest on this shit.

— … man, please take me away. I can’t stand looking at her, I am dehydrated or something…take me away, please

— Awlright man, whatever u say…

As they drove down the curved roads of the road leading to Sunny’s  house both of them had smiles ridiculously devoid of self consciousness as they took the wind in graceful swerves.


Everything was gleaming clean that morning, the yellow light from the lamp in front of Lord Krishna as she hovered it around his head, the dew glistening leaves of the tree seen through the window even the wet white walls of the hospital wall were rejoicing the night long rain that had just stopped a moment back, but most of all what pumped my heart into my throat was the wet shine if her eyes of the golden oily flame dancing in her wide open and saucer-like eyes.

He stumbled and swallowed the hot tea and felt like a moron as he stoically maintained the pristine equanimity of the circumstances as he saw it.