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two in one: episode 2

a man who falls in love has an unresolvable imp in him

rather than humor the imp who i love more than my woman

who is more than my friend brother father or god

who is so close to me that the difference between me and him are impercievable

rather than humor the imp

i would choose to surrender to another unknown

for the strangeness

for i rather take the pain of heartbreak

than succumb to the realest thing there ever is

i am talking about the imp here


i am trying to escape myself

because in the futility of trying to do that i learn new selves for myself

i become other over and over again

sometimes that is good for the imp

most other times it wounds him

at the end of the day

its just a question of

how comfortable you can get with a stony oily blood streaked creature

glowering at you from some dark corner of your eye

i get quiet comfortable with this angry guy

and his every irksome eccentricity

i love him too

but we have decided to not fly for a while

right now the winds are quiet confusing for either of us to navigate

but sure as hell a day will come when we will fly

and thats all we wait for before death